Questions regarding the finances for the City of Wilmington can be directed to City Accountant,

Kim Doglio at 815 476-2175 ext 225 

Required By Law

Public Act 097-0609 - for participants in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund


The basis of this Act is to make available the annual salaries of municipal employees that have a total compensation package greater than $75,000. The City of Wilmington has recently decided to make compensation information available for ALL municipal employees.

Public Act 98-0738  - for all Municipalities (effective January 1, 2015)


State Statute requires that each fiscal year all municipalities must complete an audit, posting the information within 60 days after its completion.



Additional Transparency Recommendations



Every year the Mayor, City Administrator and Council work closely with the City Accountant to create a balanced budget that takes into account all projected revenue sources and plans for all necessary payments and expenditures. 


Fiscal Year 2020 Appropriation Budget

Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriation Budget

Fiscal Year 2018 Appropriation Budget

Fiscal Year 2017 Appropriation Budget

Fiscal Year 2016 Appropriation Budget

Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriation Budget

Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriation Budget



Wilmington has employees that belong to two unions: MAP for the Police Department & AFSCME

AFSCME Contract - 2016-2020 Municipal Employees

MAP Contract - 2018 - 2021 Police Department Employees



Disclose tax rates for all major revenue sources of the local government’s own taxing power including property, sales, telecommunication, hotel, etc.


Revenue Sources Based on 2016 Audit