The Illinois Policy Institute has laid out a ten point transparency checklist along with details on what each point should cover in order to better help local governments in their quest to educate their residents about the operations within their respective cities. Most suggestions on the list are NOT required by law, but have been determined to be the key factors that give residents a complete look at the way their local government operates. The City of Wilmington has compiled much of this documentation and will continuously endeavor to add more details, providing an ever more complete and detailed view of its day to day and year to year operations. The 10 point list includes: Contact Information, Public Meetings, Public Information, Budgets, Audits, Expenditures, Compensation, Contracts, Lobbying & Taxes.


Elected & Administrative Officials

We have provided a list of all Elected and Appointed Officials as well as municipal employees with contact information available both on site and as a downloadable PDF.

  • City Officials  

Meeting Information

The website includes agendas/board packets, for future public meetings of the Council and various Committees, along with approved minutes and video footage. All meetings for the upcoming year are also included in the City Calendar. Meeting dates may be changed or cancelled subject to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

3. Public Records

The website has dedicated a page to the Freedom of Information Act with contact information for the city and police department FOIA officers, downloadable forms for both and details on fees and standards

4-9. Financial Information; Budgets, Financial Audits, Expenditures, Salaries, Compensation Packages and Union & Individual Employee Contracts

The city has provided a page giving detailed financial information including budgets, audits, salaries, compensation packages and employee contracts as well as details on municipal revenue sources. Financial information witll

10. Lobbying

The City of Wilmington does not currently use a Lobbyist
The City of Wilmington is member of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund