Mayor Roy Strong

1-815-476-2175 ext 227

Mayor Strong was elected and sworn in as the new Mayor on May 2, 2017. 

Current Term Expires: 2021

Alderman Kevin Kirwin

1st Ward

First Elected: 2011

Current Terms Expires: 2019


Alderman John Persic

1st Ward

First Elected: 2009

Current Term Expires: 2021


Alderman Dennis Vice

2nd Ward

First Appointed: January 2018

Current Term Expires: 2019




Alderman Kirby Hall

2nd Ward

First Elected: 2013

Current Term Expires: 2021





Alderman Fran Tutor

3rd Ward

First Elected: 2011

Current Term Expires: 2019





Alderman Lisa Butler

3rd Ward

First Elected: 2017

Current Term Expires: 2021



Alderman Steve Evans

4th Ward

First Appointed: July 2014

Current Terms Expires: 2019


Alderman Frank Studer

4th Ward

First Elected: 2007

Current Term Expires: 2021



Deputy City Clerk Joie Ziller

First Appointed: 2008

815 476-2175 ext 228 

Appointed Officials


Chief of PolicePhillip Arnold
City Collector/Treasurer: Kim Doglio


Superintendent of Public Works: Ken Ewenson


Superintendent of Water Reclamation: Darin Fowler

Superintendent of Water Plant: Patrick Nugent    


City Attorney: George Mahoney, of Mahoney, Silverman & Cross, LLC

Building Inspector: Rick Smith



Planning & Zoning Commission

Members: Larry Clennon, John Tryner, Chris Smith, Bryan Humphries, Gina Wysocki, Jonathan Jones, Ken Kulpa

Police Commissioners, Jonathan Mietzner, Gary Geiss, Loren Burkey



E.S.D.A. was established to prevent, minimize, repair and alleviate injury of damage resulting from disaster caused by enemy attack, sabotage or other hostile actions or from natural or man-made disaster.


E.S.D.A. Director, Dennis Housman
E.S.D.A. Assistant Director, Rich Princko
P: 815 476-2334

Staff members


City Hall
1165 S. Water Street
P: 815 476-2175 F: 815 476-2276


Executive Secretary: Joie Ziller

815 476-2175 ext 228

Accountant:  Kim Doglio

815 476-2175 ext 225

Water Billing Clerk: Patty Botka

815 476-2175 ext 223
Payroll/Insurance & Accounts Payable Clerk: Maureen Surman

815 476-2175 ext 222

Public Works Department, 
Ken Ewenson, Mike Nugent, Kyle Davis,

Jim Butler, Griffin Kinnett
745 Widows Road
P: 815 476-3104 F: 815 476-3105


Water Treatment Plant, 

Patrick Nugent, Mike Stroud,

John Surman, Nick Hansen
745 Widows Road
P: 815 476-6732 F: 815 476-3107


Water Reclamation Plant, 

Darin Fowler, Jack Sadrakula, Ryan Foster
601 E. Kankakee River Drive
P: 815 476-5663 F: 815 476-5453