Elected Officials

The legislative body, which is voted into office by public elections, consists of

eight Alderman, the Mayor and the City Clerk.


Mayor: Acts as CEO of the city, supervises all executive officers and employees and may inspect all books and records pertaining to city affairs held by any department or employee.



826 Kahler Road
815 476-2175 ext 227
815 592-5912


Aldermen: Act as the legislative division of the city,  hearing, then approving or denying motions concerning city business. Aldermen serve staggered 4 year terms to encourage continuity. 

1st ward: term ends 2019

1st ward: term ends 2019

Kevin Kirwin

  • Co-chair Water, Sewer, Streets & Alleys Committee
  • Member of Ordinance & Licensing & Building, Grounds Parks, Health & Safety Committees

Advice to Live By: "Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated"

21386 Sea Ray Lane
815 476-9253


1st ward: term ends 2017

1st ward: term ends 2017

john persic

  • Co-Chair Buildings, Grounds, Parks, Health & Safety Committee
  •  Volunteer for the Wilmington Historical Society, Sons of the American Legion & Lions Club
  • City 

Words to Live by: "Good Learners Look for the Good in People and Affirm it; Only then do they Address the Problems."

408 S. Circle Street
815 210-5155





2Nd ward: Term ends 2017

2Nd ward: Term ends 2017

kirby hall

  • Co-chair Ordinance & Licensing Committee
  • Member Buildings, Grounds, Parks, Health & Safety Committee

310 Shakespeare Street
815 474-5854


3rd ward: term ends 2019

3rd ward: term ends 2019

fran tutor

  • Co-chair Finance, Administration & Land Acquisition and Police & ESDA Committees
  • Member Ordinance & Licensing Committee

834 Phyllis Drive
815 476-5569





743 S. Water Street
815 476-5870


4th ward: term ends 2019

4th ward: term ends 2019

Steve Evans

  • Co-chair Ordinance & Licensing Committee
  • Member Building, Grounds, Parks, Health & Safety Committee
  • Catfish Days Committee
  • Vision for Wilmington: A thriving, beautified downtown business district


522 Railroad Street
815 585-2546


4th ward: term ends 2017

4th ward: term ends 2017

Frank Studer

  • Co-chair Finance, Administration & Land Acquisition, Police & ESDA and Water, Sewer, Streets & Alleys Committees


1494 Widows Road
815 922-7047


Deputy City Clerk: In addition to being tasked with keeping the formality of keeping the official city seal, the clerk is also responsible for appointing a deputy clerk and is the custodian of all documents, records, licenses and monies collected. 

city clerk: interim status

city clerk: interim status

Joie Ziller

  • Executive Secretary
  • Deputy City Clerk
  • FOIA Officer
  • Notary Public
  • Voting Registrar 

815 476-2175 ext 228


Appointed Officials


Chief of PolicePhillip Arnold

City Collector/Treasurer: Kim Doglio  



Superintendent of Public Works: Ken Ewenson



Superintendent of Water Reclamation: Darin Fowler


Superintendent of Water Plant: Patrick Nugent



City Attorney: George Mahoney, of Mahoney, Silverman & Cross, LLC

Building Inspector: Rick Smith

815-476-2175 ext 233



Planning & Zoning Commission

Members: Larry Clennon, John Tryner, Chris Smith, Bryan Humphries, Gina Wysocki, Jonathan Jones, Ken Kulpa

Police Commissioners, Jonathan Mietzner, Gary Geiss, Loren Burkey



E.S.D.A. was established to prevent, minimize, repair and alleviate injury of damage resulting from disaster caused by enemy attack, sabotage or other hostile actions or from natural or man-made disaster.


E.S.D.A. Director, Dennis Housman
E.S.D.A. Assistant Director, Rich Princko
P: 815 476-2334

Staff members


City Hall
1165 S. Water Street
P: 815 476-2175 F: 815 476-2276


Executive Secretary: Joie Ziller

815 476-2175 ext 228 jziller@wilmington-il.com

Accountant:  Kim Doglio

815 476-2175 ext 225 kdoglio@wilmington-il.com

Water Billing Clerk: Patty Botka

815 476-2175 ext 223 pbotka@wilmington-il.com
Payroll/Insurance & Accounts Payable Clerk: Maureen Surman

815 476-2175 ext 222 msurman@wilmington-il.com

Public Works Department, 
Ken Ewenson, Mike Nugent, Kyle Davis,

Jim Butler, Griffin Kinnett
745 Widows Road
P: 815 476-3104 F: 815 476-3105


Water Treatment Plant, 

Patrick Nugent, Mike Stroud,

John Surman, Nick Hansen
745 Widows Road
P: 815 476-6732 F: 815 476-3107


Water Reclamation Plant, 

Darin Fowler, Jack Sadrakula, Ryan Foster
601 E. Kankakee River Drive
P: 815 476-5663 F: 815 476-5453